Mark Bennett, absinthe connoisseur, is a respected investigative journalist and photographer who covers the fringes of culture and science, contributing features for many publications including Fortean Times, Skin Two and i-D as well as editing his own avant-garde cyber culture magazine Black Ice.

He has piloted series for both BBC and Channel 4 along with acting as a consultant and camera expert for multiple programmes. Often described as being " years ahead of his time", he is currently in the midst of photographing world-leading fetish club The Torture Garden in 3-D and digital for a forthcoming book along with developing a documentary on building the Ark of the Covenant.

Likes: Absinthe, strong coffee, deep conversations, Anime, japanese horror films, latex catsuits, cooking, seeing new lands, random acts of kindness, car boot sales, ebay, X-files, magic, alchemy, Chinese food, FLCL

Dislikes: beaurocracy, entrophy, closed minds, politicing, spelling, closed boxes

Known for: his chocolate chip cookies, green spinich dip, anime, hong kong and japanese DVD collection, 3D photography, acidic wit, dark
humour, editing Black Ice magazine, showing weird films at Brighton Cinematheque, being too far ahead of his time (still).