Mark Bennett has been documenting the UK's leading fetish club for over six years now with the aim of publishing a photo book in 3D as well as a traditional format. His images are scattered throughout the site and new images are updated by the club after each event.

Torture Garden website

Several galleries contain his work as well as several being incorporated into the flash animation on the homepage and used on the clubs flyers and print advertising. The images regularly appear in Skin Two and Marquis magazines.
TG - 13TH BIRTHDAY BALL - May-2004
TG Gallery
TG Hall of fame

A review of one of torture Garden's nights can be found here. Torture Garden review

During the 11th Birthday party he shot E-Garbs fantastic leather creations back stage in a small studio at Brixton Academy. Two resulting test composited images are here;

Kievaholic Klub - Kiev 88

For other people Mark Bennett is known for his writing that explores science, technology and art. His cover feature entitled 'The New Flesh' was written for Skin Two Magazine and then used as the introduction to the Torture Garden's 2nd book 'Body Probe' which he also wrote two chapters too.

Body Probe book on TG
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The articled explored different types of fetishism related to latex and leather but are still seen to be on the fringe of the subculture like mannequins, dolls, plushies and robot fetishists:

The new flesh online

As a contributor to Skin Two Magazine as a news and feature writer his more recent photographic work is mainly club focussed and includes coverage of the annual Skin Two Ball - the largest fetish event on the global calender.

A gallery of images:
Skin Two Rubber Ball Gallery
H productions - Rubber Ball

Spun off from his work documenting the Torture Garden are images for leading latex designers:

House of Harlot Gallery
Inner Santum Gallery
Libidex Website
E Garbs website

Sinthetex Website

And occasional muse, TG regular and designer of this site shooting posed and gurellia portrait shots;
Industrial Bitch Website

The other magazine he contributes both as a writer and photographer is Fortean Times:
Fortean Times - Unconvention gallery
Fortean Times - DR HAL PUTHOFF

A small sampling of Performance artists work he has documented in 2D and 3D include the Australian cyborg enthusiast Stelarc and Italian mixed media artist Emilia Telese:
Stelarc, the muscle machine
Emilia Telese

Posed promotional photographs include work for trickter magician Paul Zenon for his highly acclaimed Edinburgh Festival show and book covers:
Paul Zenon - Mugshots
Paul Zenon - Loot

When travelling he documents windows displays for the leading mannequin display site based out of Toronto which he has been contributing too for over five years now. He sometimes finds mannequins easier to work with than models.
Manequin Display website

Bands, performance groups and rogues that make use of his photo's include
Toy Factory Gallery
Voodoo Vaudeville
Cliffe Bonfire

Most recently he came in 3rd on a German latex fetish website fetish fairytale competition with his dark tale of a pair of gloves found at a 2nd hand clothing store:

Crazy Rubber & Friends - 3rd prize competition - a fetish fairy tale

- U-Bahn
- glitzy tartz


The Ossuary in Sedlec - Gallery
Cyberdermis Gallery - onwards